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Information for Parents/Guardians

Play is an important part of Language Learning, where children learn, develop and grow in confidence. When you come to classes at Little Lingua, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to join in and learn with your child; watch your child explore and experiment through role play, songs and games. Listen to their comments and questions and above all enjoy the experience of time spent together.

Parents/Guardians and Children –
Little Lingua is designed for adults and children to learn together. Therefore we have a strict policy of “no children without adults, we will have our own staff on site to help with buggies, coats etc. Please note that children cannot be left unsupervised in the classroom. The Classes are 45 mins each Please see our Class Timetable and calendar, call 086 8640322 to check for levels and availability.

Some tips to get the most from your Classes

Try and forget your inhibitions
Remember everyone is learning together. Parents are NOT expected to have a certain level of the target language. The Direct Method means your total immersion in the Language, we try to create an atmosphere where you are in ‘Paris’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Barcelona or The Gaeltacht. The more time that your child spends hearing the language, the more engaged they become. Follow your child’s lead

Children often surprise us with their learning abilities. Observe your child during your class. Which learning activity does she enjoy most? What catches her attention? And which activity keeps her attention for the longest? These observations can help you to understand and appreciate your child’s ability to learn a new language. Get Involved!

Learning a new language is a wonderful gift you can give your child. You are your child’s first and most important play partner and teacher. Roll up your sleeves, get messy, get involved, explore, create, sing (off key!) to your hearts content……………………..but most of all, have fun together!!

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